Issue : 0046

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Welcome to "YourNextLink" a weekly E-Zine of weblinks, tips and other strange blurbs from Apollo.

Well I finally got this issue done. I received some fed back last issue about some spelling mistakes. Contrary to popular belief they are left in here sometimes to see if people are actually reading what is witten here. Anyway that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I have been rather busy lately and not only with studies. We have been in talks with another server for YNL. When everything is worked out we will have a few new features being added as well as being easier to maintain.

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Clip Art
This is quite a good site if you are after icons. There are dozens of animated gifs as well cover a number of different topics. They also have links to other sits

The staff of a car wash were falsely accused of stealing. Here is photographic evidence it was not them. You will be surprised who the culprit really is.

Kids Corner

This is a good site for bored kids. There are games to play at home or in the car traveling, projects for that rainy day. There is even a section giving you a recipe for face paint for the younger ones to have fun with.

Tired of looking at the time at the bottom of your screen? Why not download one of these 3D clocks or screensavers. There is over fifty types of traditional and novelty clocks to choose from.
This flight simulator being developed in this persons spare time as a hobby. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles yet of some of the well known flightsims but it is still worth downloading and using. There are new features being developed all the time.
If you are interested in graphics then this program called NOW 3D will let you design your own 3D images. The person developing this program is keeping it freeware too.
General Interest

The microprocessor is the most complex mass-produced product ever, with more than 5.5 million transistors performing hundreds of millions of calculations each second. Find out how it works here.

Fun Site

Think you know the difference between a Computer generated image and a real one? This site has a little test for you to see how good you are.

If you have any comments, suggestions or links you would like to see featured here, e-mail Apollo and you may find your idea included in the next issue of YNL.

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